Women 12 little secrets

    Women are a special group of women, menstruation, leucorrhea, and children... but why do some women suffer from gynecology while others are peaceful? So, how can women protect their privacy? The marks on the underwear are evidence of a woman's physical health. Next, reveal the secrets of women's underwear:
  1. Where does it flow from?
Some are the cervical glands, some are the vaginal wall, and some are the endometrial glands and the large glands on both sides of the vaginal opening.
  1. What exactly is it?
There are epithelial cells shed from the vaginal mucosa, secretions from the sebaceous glands of the small penis, a large number of vaginalis (scientifically known as Gram-positive lactobacillus), a small amount of white ocytes... about 20 kinds of microorganisms.
I don't like the appearance of this thing, also don't like its smell, can you eliminate it?
Because every woman needs it. The acidic environment in the vaginal cavity can prevent foreign bacteria, unable to survive and reproduce. This is the vaginal cleansing effect that hearing a cocoon may not really understand.
  1. But he doesn't like it. What does he do?
Read this article carefully, why are men so stupid? This is the most natural, the most normal physiological reaction, just like a man also has all kinds of strange physiological phenomena, his "words" do not know how many bacteria hidden! But there is no obvious symptoms, don't think that not pain is not itching is healthy.
  1. I heard it was related to estrogen, right?
yes. The body increased estrogen, secretions also increase. These increased vaginal secretions are the leucorrhea that many women don't like to listen to.
  1. " I found that the few secretions in the middle of the menstrual cycle seem to be particularly much, is it almost the day of ovulation?
yes. The ovulation period of the endocervical gland cells secrete exuberant, secretion is very like thin, transparent egg white, and even can stretch a few centimeters are continuous, the elasticity is very good. You can't see this situation immediately after ovulation. Wait until 2 days before menstruation, pelvic cavity begins to congestion, vaginal secretions increase again, sometimes still slightly blood, as if to remind you should prepare sanitary napkin.
7, in addition to menstruation, what are the other reasons that can affect it?”
There are too many reasons you can't imagine, such as birth control pills, antibiotics, allergies, illness, pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, menstrual products, lack of sleep, nutritional imbalance, mood swings and even stress!
  1. I have to use the sanitary pads every day. Otherwise, the underwear is always wet, so are other women?
Some women's cervix secrete particularly much mucus, these secretions are thin but good elasticity, not yellow green or gray color, no obvious unpleasant smell. Generally speaking, it is physiological, the constitution may be a little weak, you can go to see Chinese medicine, with the spleen, dampness and water to regulate the constitution.
  1. How can you understand the vaginal discharge sheet?
There are five common items, the first item is pH value, which indicates the acid-base condition of the vaginal environment, pH 4.5 in normal and pH 5 or 6 at vaginal infection.
The second is the Roman alphabet I, II, II..., I and II are normal, iii ~ iiv indicates inflammation.
The third is the symbol +, which only indicates mold and trichomonas infection, but the severity of the infection does not mean. The fourth is the amine test, which is to check the presence of bacterial infection
10. Seeing many traces of underwear, I suspect there is inflammation there. It's okay to take anti-inflammatory drugs, right

Unauthorized medication is one of the important causes of vaginal infections! Inflammation can also be divided into several types, and the treatment drugs used are naturally different. In addition, whether there is inflammation should be judged by a doctor.

What you can usually do is to preliminarily detect any abnormalities in vaginal discharge through the traces on your underwear.

11. Pregnancy itself is very tiring, and the secretions there are also very messy and troublesome.

With the increase of pregnancy time, the body's estrogen levels increase, and the secretion of cervical and endometrial glands increases, especially in the later stages of pregnancy.

12. I pay great attention to cleanliness, there are marks on my underwear, which affects my confidence! Don't torture yourself anymore! Firstly, every woman is like this. Secondly, without it, first of all, you will get sick. Secondly, when you want to have sex, you will find that your heart is spare but not enough.
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