The color matching of fashionable women's underwear is particular. Did you wear it correctly

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The true charm of underwear is to make women appear energetic and confident. A pink sexy lingerie with rolled lace and a romantic touch, paired with a pink jumpsuit, makes your mood definitely different from before. Therefore, whether it's social banquets, home leisure, or work, smart women always wear suitable underwear, match the right color of underwear, and cleverly makeup themselves with various styles. Below, the Bra Pavilion editor will share the color matching of fashionable women's underwear. Have you worn it correctly?


1. For light colored or semi transparent outerwear, choose underwear that is close to skin color or black


Usually, we believe that wearing a white bra is the safest option for light pink, white, and semi transparent dresses in summer and autumn, as it won't match the wrong color. Actually, it's not right. Pure white underwear will stand out very prominently under light and semi transparent fabrics. Wearing underwear, it is best to have a shape without leaving any marks. Under warm colors such as pink and light yellow, as well as semi transparent outerwear, it is best to wear underwear that is close to the flesh color! For example, tender yellow, very light camel color, tender pink, tooth white, foundation make-up color, champagne color, etc. will give a harmonious, natural, relaxed, casual and comfortable impression.


2. For soft colored outerwear, choose light colored underwear
The light color scheme refers to colors that have bright elements but no gray elements, such as yellow green, orange yellow, orange red, goose yellow, tender pink, and other color schemes. Wearing such outerwear is bright, cute, and charming. Pure white underwear is a great match. In addition, you can choose underwear in yellow, light coffee, light purple, light green, and other colors. If it is a low necked or off shoulder outfit, it is best to choose underwear that is close to the color of the outfit. In addition, outerwear that does not reveal the underwear can be freely paired with various light colored underwear. It should be noted that dark colored underwear should never be worn under light colored outerwear.

3. For bright colored outerwear, choose bright colored underwear
Bright and eye-catching exterior colors such as bright red, bright yellow, emerald green, royal blue, rose, etc. can be paired with white underwear, as well as gold red, fruit green, lake blue, deep pink, rose red and other color schemes. This not only makes the inside and outside consistent, but also gives people a feeling of clarity and happiness. At this time, choosing flesh colored or light colored underwear appears too ordinary, while choosing dark colored underwear gives a heavy feeling. Brilliance means going from inside to outside. In celebrations, grand events, and public occasions, being bright and cheerful is the most beautiful expression of women.

4. For dark colored outerwear, choose underwear in similar or contrasting colors
In many formal occasions, black, dark green, navy blue, magenta, deep coffee, dark red, violet and other color schemes are all very solemn and beautiful colors. At this time, choosing black, dark blue, coffee, bright red, dark green, rose purple, etc. for underwear is suitable. Of course, wearing a non revealing outer garment, pure white also looks great. If you want to appear personalized or seductive, pairing it with contrasting colors can also look great, such as black outerwear paired with red underwear or blue outerwear paired with rose colored underwear. No matter how it is paired, it is important to match the dressing occasion and atmosphere.