Why Do You Need To Wear Activewear And How To Choose The Activewear


Why do you need to wear activewear?

When it comes to clothes to work out in, do you prioritise fashion or comfort? Many of us fall somewhere in the middle. We may splurge on a pair of compression leggings designed to wick sweat and aid recovery, but on top we’re wearing an old, oversized cotton t-shirt. So, does it really matter what you wear in the gym?
Well, research say it does, revealing a direct correlation between what we wear and how we perform, as well as our motivation levels and even likelihood of injury.

      1.It can prevent injury

“Wearing appropriate clothing is crucial when you are an avid exerciser. Many sport injuries occur because of the lack of appropriate equipment, including clothes. Whichever activity you are engaged in, you should opt for the clothing for that particular sport, looking for something that provides ample protection against impact, strain, or overheating.
“I’d advise investing in good quality compression wear, this type of kit increases circulation and blood flow to the heart, delivering much needed oxygen to working muscles, reducing fatigue and soreness by managing lactic acid accumulation, helping to improve power, endurance and recovery.”

       2.You won’t feel restricted

“Lightweight materials and well-designed active wear should feel like a second skin, ensuring you don’t feel restricted while you train. Exercising in total comfort will allow you to solely concentrate on the task at hand, and workout to the best of your ability. Choosing clothing that allows full range of movement is incredibly important, so when choosing fitness clothing, pay close attention to the design and tailoring, opting for seamless kit which won’t irritate your skin, or rub.”


       3.It can improve performance

“You’ve no doubt heard the phrase, ‘dress for success’, and this can apply to what you wear in the gym. High quality, intelligent fabrics work with the body to accelerate performance, withstanding the rigours of intense training to keep you performing at your best. When it comes to improved performance, comfort is again key. You should opt for fitness clothing which is really designed for your chosen activity. If you’re likely to get sweaty, look for sweat-wicking fabrics which draw moisture away from the body and seek out FRESHFIT technology which incorporates silver ions, designed to resist bacterial build up and keep you feeling fresh.”

       4.It can boost confidence

“Clothing can be empowering in everyday life, and when it comes to working out, contributing to our confidence levels and raising self-esteem. Indeed, there’s even a psychological phenomenon called “enclothed cognition” which suggests that the clothing a person wears can trigger mental changes that positively affect their performance and confidence level. In the simplest terms, when you look good, you feel more confident, so investing in gym kit which makes you feel the part can help you to feel better in the gym and truly conquer a workout.”



Now let's talk about how to choose the right activewear.

Tip 1:

List the kind of workouts you participate in. If you are a runner and have targeted a certain number of miles every week then your activewear will have to be vastly different than those who do simple light exercises.

You will also have to keep in mind these factors when choosing:

  • the number of hours you exercise
  • the number of days you work outdoors or indoors
  • seasonal clothes
  • the seasons and weather where you live

Tip 2:

Take note of the activewear you have in your closet. Make an inventory of them. You must be having a wide variety of pants, shorts, tops, but are woefully short of athletic bras. The ones you have are either worn out or stained or have turned shapeless. You may be reluctant to wear them in public much less work out. The next best thing would be to measure yourself up.

Tip 3:

Run a measuring tape and make a note of the following:

  • The size of your bust and hips
  • Your upper and lower arms
  • Muscles that you could have developed because of your working out regularly
  • The size of your feet ( if you are a runner, there will be marked change in the shape of our toes and feet, you need to buy proper socks that fit)
  • If you have been a recent mother and are going back to exercise measure your feet as pregnancy makes your feet grow

Tip 4:

Choose clothes made out of fabrics that wick away heat and keep you cool as you exercise intensely.






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