Women's underwear and healthy choices

      We are aware that women who have been married or have experienced childbirth, or those who have had intimate relationships, may experience a potential weakening of the immune function in the reproductive system. This can often lead to feelings of discomfort, abnormal discharge, as well as localized pain. Although we are cleaning every day, this situation still happens, so the problem is....... After my analysis and research, the culprit is our underwear. I have some of these Friends who are very professional in terms of production, they are producing underwear, so I learned the relevant knowledge. For example, there's a lot of learning here, from fabric selection to production design. Whether the fabric causes skin allergies, whether the design is reasonable, whether it can last for a long time without slipping, and whether it allows customers to have a comfortable experience are all worth noting.

What happens if you wear poor underwear?

  • Wrong size, which makes uncomfortable
  • The skin feels tingling and itchy after wearing it
  • Rubbing the vagina with bad materials for a long time will produce bacteria, which is one of the reasons for leucorrhea and odor
  • After a long time, it will fade and have peculiar smell, which will have a bad impact on the human body

How to choose the right underwear?

  • Breathable: Breathable can ensure that our genitals will not be sultry and rubbed, which will cause odor after a long time, and it can also make us feel refreshed in action
  • Material: Good material can make the skin more comfortable, and it will not cause stuffy, humid, hot and smelly when worn on the body for a long time. There will be foreign objects and bacteria when rubbed for a long time
  • Design: Soft underwear is designed to fit every node of our triangle area, so that you feel very comfortable from the moment you put it on, and it is very in line with the standard of your body

Women have a high demand for underwear, so can I share my philosophy on underwear and health with all female friends