How to choose the right style of women’s underwear

Hey girls, did you ever want to try something new but still hesitate and then turn out to be the same style always? Are you very tangled in choosing the style of underwear? Here Altheanray prepares a guideline in choosing the style of women’s underwear. So do not worry if trying different style will be risky. We will guide you to find the suitable style! Enjoy different styles and enjoy to be yourself!

First of all, let’s have a look at different types of underwear. You may be surprised that actually there are so many different types of brief. Even for one category we got so many different names. Like for thong we have G-string, tanga and so on.

Please do not be frightened by the different names and types. We would like to introduce usual categories in details

NO.1 The best choice for daily wear

For daily wear, we highly recommend to choose bikini. Most of the bikinis are designed as mid-rise or low -rise and it can match most types of the body. Being wide at the crotch and more coverage at the back than thongs. It could be quite comfortable when you wear it.

No.2 The best choice for large belly

If you happen to have a larger belly compared to other body parts, then we highly recommend to choose high-waist brief. In this case with the design of high waist. The brief can have a very good compression over your belly and control the tummy. Not like low-rise brief, it will not ride up or roll down over your belly.

No.3  The best choice for wearing fitting clothes

When you are wearing fitting clothes such as jeans, leggings, do you hate the pantie lines show up or your underwear keeps tugging? If you need to work out or wearing fit clothes. We highly recommend you to try thongs. Because thongs do not have so many coverage for the back like bikini and it will not leave marks even when you wear tight clothes. But if you have already gotten used to bikinis and never try thongs before. It is better for you test a pair out at home before you decide to wear them out for a day long.

Altheanray offers you with different choices from style to texture. Have an adventure with us and find yourself the most suitable underwear.



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