How to choose the right fabric for women’s underwear

What is the material of your underwear?

Most girls choose underwear by generally looking at the outlook first, then the size, and last check about the fabric. However it is the fabric that matters lots. It is the key point to decide whether a brief is good or not. There are so many different kinds of fabric in the market. Did you ever get confused about the fabric? Today with altheanray let’s have a tour towards the wonderful fabric world together.


Nowadays we have material that is natural and we have man-made materials. Both collections have their good advantages and shortcomings.


Natural Material

When we talk about fabric, what kind of fabric fist pump into your mind?

COTTON!!! of course! It could be the world’s most well known and classical fabric

Choose according to a healthy way, cotton is the best, especially for people with sensitive skin.It is soft and comfortable. However cotton underwear also has shortcomings. The higher the cotton content, the heavier the fabric and pure cotton will not be elastic enough. 

All Altheanray cotton underwear are designed with 95% of cotton but adding 5% spandex to give elasticity to the underwear to avoid deformation and lacking of elasticity.

For natural materials we also have silk. However Silk is not common and expensive meanwhile very difficult to take care of, but silk is a natural fiber with a luxurious feeling and inherent temperature regulation and humidity management characteristics. If you don't mind the , you can consider to try.

In fact, underwear is not necessarily made of natural materials. With the advancement of technology, many fabrics can be both comfortable and beautiful.


 Plant-based fabric

Rayon (ice silk underwear), modal fiber (also known as modal cotton), bamboo fiber underwear, etc. are all made of plants, although they are chemically treated, and technically speaking, they are not natural products. But these fabrics are super soft and drape, and usually have moisture wicking functions, so they dry faster than cotton.

 For example, in the summer, when the underwear store sells ice silk underwear, does it sound cold? This ice silk underwear has good comfort and softness, and the fabric is thin, suitable for summer wear.

 The modal panties are made of beech wood and spruce, which are made into wood pulp and then made by spinning. Modal products are as soft as cotton, with the luster and smoothness of silk products, and feel very comfortable.


Bamboo fiber underwear, this material is made of bamboo green as the raw material. Bamboo fiber material made after high-temperature cooking, extraction and reprocessing. Generally, this kind of bamboo fiber fabric has antibacterial and antibacterial functions, good water absorption, and environmental protection. 


Performance fiber

Synthetic fibers (such as polyester and nylon) are common in sportswear because they absorb moisture and dry quickly. For the same reason, these fibers are also used in underwear, especially during exercise. Lace underwear and usually also made of synthetic fibers. Just remember to wash it in time after sweating to avoid infection and irritation in the underwear area.

Do you have more profound understanding of the fabric after the tour? Be with Altheanray,keep learning and keep enjoying.


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