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   - 10% Commission in cash from every product you help to sell
   - Discount codes for your followers and friends
   - Growth of your followers Newest arrival information

   - Over 18 years old
   - Have your own social media account and Paypal account
   - Accept Altheanray's workflow

   - Keep your social media accounts active and visible
   - Share the unique links your friends and followers
   - Share brand news, products information and Altheanray's latest events when needed
   - React positively to the Altheanray team
   - React positively to your followers when they ask about Altheanray related things
   - Interact positively with Altheanray official account
   - Share certain statistics of your social media account. We will not ask for something illegal or offend your privacy

   - Complete the Ambassador Application Form
   - Altheanray official team will contact you and please reply with your social media links. 
   - Your information will be verified
   - Once your information is approved, your exclusive ambassador codes will be generated. Then collaborate and make money with Altheanray!!!

   - Please do read the contents above
   - Please do not provide fake information
   - No individual agents
   - If you frequently violate the workflow, you may get a warning or even dismissing.