Altheanray new arrival a sticky bra

The sticky bra, also known as a backless or adhesive bra, is a popular undergarment that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This type of bra provides coverage and support without the need for straps or a band, making it ideal for backless or low-cut outfits.

The sticky bra typically consists of two separate cups that are attached to the breasts with adhesive. Some versions of the sticky bra have a clasp or hook in the center that helps to pull the cups together and create cleavage.

While the sticky bra is a convenient and versatile undergarment, it's important to note that not all sticky bras are created equal. Some brands may offer stronger adhesive than others, or may not be suitable for certain skin types or breast sizes. But Altheanray avoids that very well. It's also important to follow the instructions for applying and removing the bra to avoid discomfort or damage to the skin.

Here are some tips for choosing and using a sticky bra:

      1.Consider your breast size and shape. Some sticky bras are better suited for smaller or rounder breasts, while others may work better for larger or more oblong shapes.

      2.Look for a bra with strong adhesive. This will help to keep the cups securely in place and prevent slipping or shifting.

      3.Check the materials. Some sticky bras may be made with materials that can irritate sensitive skin, so it's important to look for a bra that is made with skin-friendly materials.

      4.Follow the instructions carefully. This will ensure that you apply and remove the bra properly, and will help to prevent discomfort or skin damage.

      5.Keep the bra clean and dry. After each use, gently wash the bra with mild soap and water and allow it to air dry before storing.

Overall, the sticky bra can be a useful and practical undergarment for a variety of outfits and occasions. By choosing the right bra and following proper care and usage instructions, you can enjoy the benefits of this convenient and versatile piece of lingerie.

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